The photographs from top left are: Dottie Hinkle Serial Mom; Evelyn the Librarian All About Evil; Connie and Raymond Marble – Fire! Fire! Pink Flamingos; Divine, Edith Massey and me Multiple Maniacs; Tammy Turner Hairspray; Peggy Gravel Desperate Living; Taffy Davenport Female Trouble; Profile Photo; Connie and Raymond Marble – About to Die Pink Flamingos

All photos are 8×10. To see the entire photo, click on the tumbnail.

Please tell me EXACTLY how you would like the photograph inscribed. Thank you.

All of these photographs are available on the Gift Shop page.

9 Responses to Photographs

  1. Nick Windsor says:

    I love you Mink! You are a brilliant actress! Go girl!

  2. Annie Audrey crancer says:

    I appreciate and value your work and your being. You are one of my biggest inspirations. I’d love to work with you whether it be film, stage, music or design. Please let me know. I apologize if this is the wrong means of communication.
    Thank you so much, Annie Audrey Crancer

  3. Tanya Slade says:

    I love your movies, Mink! You are truly a gifted actress! xoxoxo

  4. bareclinton says:

    Love your work…is there a site that has a collection of memorable Mink Stole quotes? I’m trying to organize this and wonder if you can help direct me to it…

  5. Lula says:

    Sooner rather than later I hope to have the disposable income to buy some of your lovely things. Really want to get my hands on a Connie photo. :)

  6. Sharon Epstein says:

    Hello Ms. Mink! I’m watching “Hairspray” (the ONLY version, in my humble opinion), which I adore. I loved you in “Pecker”, too! I hope you’re happy & well. I’ll never forget Divine, Alav Hashalom (RIP). I guess the “No Grinding” was cut. At least the “No Falsies” was kept! Best to you, with LOTS OF LOVE! ~Sharon (NE Philly, bored & bred)!

  7. Maggie says:

    I couldn’t be more pleased with my 2013 Halloween costume couture tribute to Peggy Gravel!

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