Thank you for your order.  Your item will be shipped within 3 working days of receipt of confirmation from Paypal.  If you have any problems or questions, please email me at  

PLEASE NOTE:  If you wish a personalized autograph, at the time of ordering PLEASE USE THE “SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS TO MERCHANT” BOX to write YOUR REQUESTED PERSONALIZATION.  Otherwise, all photos will be autographed with only my name. 

Also note  that the captions under the photographs as shown in the Gift Shop do not actually appear on the photographs shipped.  

Again, thank you for your order. 

Mink Stole

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  1. Robert Collins says:

    Hi, i just ordered a signed photo, i just wanted to confirm what i wanted written on it was.

    To Bob

    Pussy Willows Baby

    Love Mink Stole.

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