About the Gift Shop

Hi. Many people have asked me, so I’ve set up a very simple gift shop.  Just click on the Gift Shop tag under my eyes.  When I tested it on my home computer, well, it wasn’t very graceful, but it worked.  If you try it and have any problems, just email me at minkpix@gmail.com and I’ll figure it out.  There have been problems in the past which I have worked hard to fix, and I don’t want anybody to be unhappy.  Not now — not ever, but especially not now — it’s the holidays!

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MY CHRISTMAS SHOW (Stories and Songs You’re Not Sick of Yet)


baltimore poster


harrisburg poster


This year’s Christmas show is bigger and better than ever!  My Wonderful Band is with me of course, and, for our Baltimore shows we’ll be joined by Arty Hill (Arty Hill and the Long Gone Daddys) and John Irvine (and his fabulous trumpet)!  Arty can’t be with us in Harrisburg, because he really is a daddy and will be spending that evening with his family, but John and his trumpet are making the trip!

A very special bonus for those of you who come to Harrisburg is that SUSAN LOWE (Mole in Desperate Living) will be opening a show of her Madhouse drawings at the Moviate Gallery (1306 N. Third St.) on the same night as our Christmas show, so it will be a sort of Dreamland double feature, right in the heart of the capital of Pennsylvania. You can go to Susan’s opening, then walk around the corner to Stage on Herr to see me!  Merry Christmas!

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Welcome to my new totally-run-by-me website.  While I am wise about many things, websites and programming are not among them, so I’m going to be learning how to do this while you watch.  Of course, putting up a cool site is nothing a demi-bright 12 year old couldn’t do between texts to her BFF, but hey, I’m not 12.

Today I’m going to figure out how to post some pictures — so check back later.

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